Keith Brinks

Meet Apple


Yeah, ok, I’m an Apple fanatic. So what? I think Apple makes great products. They’re high quality, durable, user friendly, and always simple yet beautiful.

You might say the same about my new fury friend. She’s a 9 week old Ragdoll kitten, who I’ve just finally named after owning her for 1 full day.

World, meet Apple:

OneNote for Mac


There’s a few things Microsoft actually does right: OneNote is one of them.

I used OneNote for a short time, but being a Windows user at work and a Mac user at home (along with my iPhone), I needed something that was cross platform. I gave Evernote a try and actually used it for quite a long time, but the more I used it the more I found it to be rather frustrating and difficult to manage, organize, and find notes. Yes, there’s tags, but tags are annoying.

If OneNote does one thing right it’s with how notes get organized: you can have multiple notebooks, and within those notebooks multiple sections, and under each section multiple pages. It’s a really simple concept, but allows for notes to be organized in a much more harmonious way (assuming you have good organizational skills to begin with….which I don’t always). Add to that a connection to OneDrive and you can have synchronized notebooks across all your devices.

I reverted back to OneNote some months ago, but I had to settle for using the OneDrive web app for OneNote while on my Macs. A little extra work, but do-able.

But no more than two days ago I read that Microsoft was working on a Mac version of OneNote. I figured it would be a while before we would see it, but much to my surprise, they just released it today.

OneNote for Mac

The best part? It’s free.

This isn’t just for Mac users, either. OneNote is now also available for free to Windows users as well.

Pretty cool.


A New Beginning


I’ve owned the domain “” for nearly 5 years now. I’ve always thought of this website as sort of my “playground”, but it seems in the last 2-3 years my interest in web design has taken a turn for the worst.

I want to change that. While I don’t anticipate much interaction from others, nor do I think others really find me that interesting, my intentions with this “new beginning” is to create a spot, much for myself, to be a collection of various things I like or find entertaining, interesting, or funny.

But more importantly I want to regain my interest in web design and get better at it. I want to once again use this site as my playground, trying new things, spending hours tinkering with random bits of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript only to scrap it all in the end. Those were the good days. :)

I fully expect things to not look right or to be broken from time to time. But that’s what makes it fun: A never-ending need for constant improvement.